Holistic Modeling Approach for Oil & Gas Upstream Processes

In this webinar, you will discover how Inprocess’ innovative approach of integrating flow assurance and process dynamic simulations using IFLOW can optimize equipment sizing, enhance controllers’ parameters, and set precise alarm limits to ensure seamless facility operations.

Holistic Process Digital Twins: Benefits of integrating pipeline and top-side process models

Inprocess oral contribution to SLB Digital Forum 2022 held in September 2022. This presentation conducted by Dr. Michael Brodkorb explains how to analyze the dynamic behavior and interaction between wells, remote stations,

Use Dynamic Simulation to maximize plant operating performance

The oil and gas industry has witnessed seismic downward shifts in barrel prices and uplifts in market competitiveness.

Dynamic simulation benefits during the plant lifecycle

Miquel Angel Alós, explains how dynamic simulation can help maximise plant performance and deliver cost savings on new plant projects.

Dynamics of the real world

Miquel Angel Alós, PhD, Inprocess, explains how operations teams in the oil and gas industry can use dynamic simulation to avoid disruptions and minimise the impact of unnecessary costs on real plant operations.