Holistic Modeling Approach for Oil & Gas Upstream Processes

In this webinar, you will discover how Inprocess’ innovative approach of integrating flow assurance and process dynamic simulations using IFLOW can optimize equipment sizing, enhance controllers’ parameters, and set precise alarm limits to ensure seamless facility operations.

A new era in Plant Digitalization

Today’s society is growing and learning in a new era, the age of computing. At the same time, year after year, new generations of central processing units (CPUs) and graphics processing units (GPUs) are coming onto the market, all linked to different machine learning (ML) algorithms that are gradually being integrated into society. Most of the algorithms in use today were created decades ago.

How Dynamic Simulation Analysis Can Improve Gas Turbine Feed System Reliability and Availability

This webinar explores how dynamic process simulations, when used during the early design stage, can significantly improve the reliability of your gas turbine feed systems. These simulations can also help prevent costly shutdowns, leading to smoother operations.

Modeling the Tokamak Exhaust Processing System in a Commercial Simulator for Process Monitoring Purposes

Tritium represents a hazard due to its radioactivity and migration properties. Because of these difficulties, ITER, the largest fusion experiment so far, relies on a conservative static procedure to monitor the tritium inventory. Future commercial fusion plants can avoid operation halts if a dynamic monitoring strategy proves itself valid.