ITOP-Practical Process Equipment Training

A comprehensive and engaging training tool designed specifically for operations staff in the chemical and hydrocarbon processing industries. It combined theory sessions, 3D animation, interactive virtual labs, and enables progress tracking with exercises.

ITOP: Inprocess Training for Operators

ITOP is the Inprocess approach to the education of operators and young engineers in subjects such as Process Engineering and Unit Operations. This approach combines process simulation-based exercises with classroom training, motivating attendees to experience complex theory subjects through hands-on exercises.

ICOM: Inprocess Competence Management System

ICOM is a powerful software tool aimed at managing, expanding and confirming the proficiency of your workforce, specifically the operators in the chemical and hydrocarbon processing industries.

Inprocess Infrastructure Suite

One of the key components of an Operator Training System is the station from where the instructor leads and monitors the training sessions. Inprocess has developed an instructor station software that allows users to

La formación de operadores de planta en la industria Química

El correcto funcionamiento de los procesos de producción en la Industria Química depende en gran medida del nivel de conocimientos, habilidades y actitudes (KSA, por sus siglas en inglés) del que disponga el personal a cargo del cual están las operaciones de planta.