Holistic Process Digital Twins: Benefits of integrating pipeline and top-side process models

Inprocess oral contribution to SLB Digital Forum 2022 held in September 2022. This presentation conducted by Dr. Michael Brodkorb explains how to analyze the dynamic behavior and interaction between wells, remote stations,

Design and Troubleshooting of Compressor Systems by using Dynamic Process Simulation

The use of dynamic process simulation has been established in the last few years as a reliable and effective tool to analyse transient behaviour of process systems. The transient analysis of these operations is critical to evaluate the dynamic behaviour of the compressor system and the associated control and safety systems.

FPSO lifecycle modelling adds benefits to development offshore West Africa

In a recent FPSO development project offshore West Africa, a lifecycle modeling approach project, ending in a direct-connect Operator Training System with Aspen HYSYS Dynamics, was used for process design and control narrative validation, procedure verification, ICSS check-out, control room operator training and support for FPSO start-up operations.