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Empowering Operational Excellence | Optimizing Process Efficiency | Supporting Industry Transition

Tackling Engineering Design Challenges in Greenfield  Projects

• De-Risking Fast Track Projects
• Safe-By-Design Processes
• Capital Expenditure Minimization

Tackling Plant Operational Challenges in Brownfield Projects

• Plant Operators Upskilling
• Production Debottlenecking
• Process Uptime Maximization

Inprocess’ Services and Products

for the Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing Industries

Multipurpose Dynamic Simulators

Simulate, predict, and optimize processes throughout the plant lifecycle, from Design to Operations.

Process Digital Twins

Base your operating decisions on rigorous simulation results, either online or offline.

Operations Staff Training

Train and upskill your operations staff with simulation-based tools, in risk-free training environments.

Products and Applications

Standalone software applications, and extensions for commercial process simulators.

Simulation, knowledge, profit

Why Inprocess?

Inprocess is an independent process simulation services and consulting company that was established in late 2006, by a group of experts in the field, with the aim of accompanying our clients in their success in achieving safer, greener, more reliable and more profitable industrial operations.

We are the only company whose core business is Process Simulation Services.

We are the only Services Company that shares its knowledge with its clients.

We are independent of any technology provider, either in dynamic process simulation or in ICSS emulation.