The accelerator for process simulation knowledge transfer

Too often, the know-how acquired during a standard process simulation training course is not put into practice during the subsequent weeks or months as there might not be any necessity for its immediate use. Therefore, the effort invested in terms of time and money gradually dissipates. In order to create an efficient knowledge transfer process, Inprocess proposes a long-term relationship, based on the continuous development of the client’s process simulation skills through participation in our Knowledge Improvement Program (KIP), where the delivery of training sessions is combined with involvement in an ongoing process simulation project.

A KIP is a tailored combination of educational services including model development, specific training courses, on-the-job learning projects, coaching, access to expert simulation consultancy, support for simulation deployment to operations, and any other aspect that would fit the client’s specific needs. The program will build the necessary foundation for knowledge acquisition and ongoing skills development in process simulation. A KIP is normally delivered as a series of independent modules to facilitate the investment and to validate the continuous success of the programme. The structure of the programme includes standard and custom modules – the selection being based on needs and resources.

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