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Team, Mission & Vision

Discover what drives us, who we are and what we have been doing in the field of Process Simulation

Established in 2006 in Barcelona

55 countries worldwide presence

100+ Simulation engineers

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Our mission

Accompany our clients in their success in achieving safer, greener, more reliable and more profitable industrial operations.

Our Vision

Maintain Inprocess as a worldwide market leader in its sector and as the company of choice for our clients, our employees and the groups of interest related to our activities.

Our Team

Most of our staff has been working in the process simulation business for more than 20 years. A brief summary of the experience of some of the key Inprocess personnel follows.

Oriol Millan

Managing Director and co-founder

Oriol has over 20 years’ experience in the Hydrocarbon and other Process Industries. He brought his experience to Inprocess after being the Oil & Gas EMEA Industry Director in Microsoft. Before that, Oriol had worked for AspenTech for 9 years in various Sales Management Positions, contributing significantly to the company’s success in the EMEA region

Dr. Miquel Àngel Alós

Services Director and co-founder

Miquel Angel has over 25 years’ experience in the modelling of Oil & Gas and Chemical Processes and in the delivery of educational training programs for process simulation.

Miquel Angel is Manager of the Services Team at Inprocess, responsible for the effective technological deployment of projects. Before joining Inprocess in 2007, Miquel Angel worked at AspenTech, where he was responsible for simulation projects supporting and teaching Oil and Gas and Refining process simulation to users. Before this, in his job in Hyprotech, he had provided worldwide customer support and training for HYSYS and Hyprotech’s batch processes lifecycle solutions. From 1997 to 2001, Miquel Angel gave reaction engineering and process simulation courses at Ramon Llull University, in Barcelona.

José María Nougués

Technology Director and co-founder

José María has over 30 years of experience in Process Simulation and Process Control. In 1989 he started studying and modelling fermentation processes at CONICET. After three years as a process manager in the food industry, he joined the Chemical Engineering Department in the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in 1994, where he headed up several European Projects in the areas of Batch Process control and scheduling, Complex distillation column simulation and Process control studies. In 2000, José María joined the Hyprotech/Aspentech services group. As project manager, he led the service project team focused mainly on steady state and dynamic simulation applications, dynamic engineering studies and the integration of models into plant information systems as part of decision-support applications. During this period (2001), José María also worked as a lecturer on the Process Simulation course as associate professor in the Chemical Engineering Department in the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya.

At Inprocess, José María is Director of Technology and leads several service projects in the area of engineering studies and operator training systems.

Dr. Josep Anton Feliu

Marketing Director and co-founder

JosepAnton has 30 years’ experience in Process Modelling and Simulation for systems in the fields of biology, oil & gas, refining, petrochemicals and polymers. After working as a lecturer at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, he joined Hyprotech as the EMEA Regional Manager for Customer Support and Training, a position he continued to occupy after the Aspentech acquisition. In this role, Josep Anton helped clients, participated in modelling projects and improved the company’s training material. Taking advantage of his lecturing experience, he also taught on numerous Process Simulation courses.

Josep Anton is in charge of the Marketing and Proposals Department in Inprocess. He headed up the Training Department in the company after its foundation, and has thus been responsible for the development and deployment of clients’ educational requirements since the company’s beginnings.

Dr. Michael Brodkorb

Global Sales Director

Michael brings with him more than 20 years of successful sales management, business consulting, product management, and business development experience in the hydrocarbon and other process industries.

In addition to being a Process Simulation Subject Matter Expert, Michael’s specialty is successfully finding and communicating business value from complex technology solutions.

He started his career as a process simulation Technical Support Consultant at Hyprotech and all his roles since then had always some connection to process simulation. Before joining Inprocess, Michael was responsible for Global Sales at Honeywell Connected Plant.

Manel Serra

Senior Advisor

Manel has over 17 years of experience in Process Simulation and in the development and integration of model based solutions. During his tenure at Hyprotech and AspenTech, he was part of the Upstream Global Services team, where he implemented and delivered monitoring and optimization solutions for Exploration and Production customers. Manel has also experience in the implementation of open standards (CAPE-OPEN, OPC) and agent technology.

At Inprocess, Manel acts as project manager for a number of projects as well as delivering integration support where necessary. Manel also coordinates the development of Inprocess software solutions

José María Ferrer

Senior Advisor

José María has over 25 years of experience in the dynamic simulation and control of hydrocarbon processes. After completing his MSc. Electrical Engineering degree, in 1995 he began his career as Process Control engineer at Dow Chemical and in 2001 he joined Hyprotech as EMEA Operator Training System (OTS) business development leader. Later in 2004, as Aspentech Senior Consultant, he executed several dynamic simulation projects covering Emergency ShutDown (ESD) verification and Advanced Process Control (APC). In the last 4 years at Aspentech he has been developing the APC business in Europe and executing several dynamic simulation projects to support APC implementations and the new Aspentech OTS offering. In 2010 he joined Inprocess to develop the OTS business and support the Dynamic Simulation Services and Training. During 2014/15 he has been developing and teaching a new simulation training course specially tailored to Process Control Engineers.

At Inprocess, José María acts as Project Manager, technology development Advisor and OTS business development support

Oriol Roca

Finance and Human Resources Director

Oriol is an accomplished Finance Executive with over 20 years of experience in finance and accounting. Starting as accountant while he was university student, he has grown his career in different administrative and finance positions. He is a dynamic, analytic, results- and business-orientated person, with a strategic and operational approach.

At Inprocess, Oriol manages the Corporate Areas and supports the Board of Directors also in Human Resources related topics.

Andrés Vega

Chief Technology Officer

Andrés Vega, has over 15-year experience in Oil & Gas Engineering as Process and Simulation Engineer. At Inprocess, Andrés currently leads technology strategy as Chief Technology Officer. He began working at Inprocess in November 2018 as a Services Engineer and Project Manager, developing and leading modelling projects with steady state and dynamic simulations for Engineering Studies and OTS, as well as Flow Assurance Studies. He has 3 years of experience as Process Engineer at Técnicas Reunidas executing Basic and Detailed Engineering including the use of Process Simulation as well (Aspen HYSYS, Flare System Analyzer, ProMax). He also has one year of experience as Project Manager of Anerpro Energía y Proceso in the Food & Beverage industry, and previously to his work at Técnicas Reunidas he collaborated with Abengoa Solar as Operations Technician for Thermal Solar Power Plants.

Culture & Values

We are guided and driven by our core beliefs and organizational commitments:


Incorporate and retain talented human capital which sustains our competitive advantage


Respect people, value diversity and commitment to equality


Serve our clients and challenge ourselves to achieve the maximum quality levels in everything we do while never compromising safety standards


Develop and apply state-of-the-art technologies to create value for our clients


Continuously accepting new challenges and endeavors

Looking for Talents

Do you want to take up an always-challenging position in our cutting-edge technology company?

In its incessant efforts to find the ideal candidates for the simulation engineer positions that might arise, Inprocess is continuously looking for the brightest talent in Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering, Software Development, Control and Optimization Engineering, Safety Engineering and other engineering branches related to the Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing Industries. If you feel you could be one of these candidates, and if you would like to be considered whenever a new position comes available, please send us a covering letter and competency-based resumé using the form below. We will then contact you, acknowledging receipt of the documents, and informing you of the current likelihood of a job opportunity.

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Software Technology Competence

In the execution and implementation of its services and products, Inprocess’ staff uses a mix of technologies, aimed at delivering the highest quality results, with the highest quality software available for every purpose. For that reason, Inprocess has signed software license agreements with the providers of several technologies, many of them considered as industry standards in their respective fields.