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Inprocess staff participate in congresses, meetings and events where we explain our successes and work in general in the form of presentations and reports.

In this section you can find a variety of informative articles which are free to download.


  • Flow Assurance Studies

    Flow Assurance Studies

    Assure and maximize the operation of your production system while minimizing risks


    • Avoid production shutdowns and downtimes
    • Reduce flaring episodes
    • Save Capex in expensive thermal-resistant materials
    • Optimize sequences for wells start-up and shutdown
    • Save in inhibitors consumption
    • Plan ahead for production contingencies
    • Assess environmental risk
  • Flare Systems Analysis

    Flare Systems Analysis

    Is the current equipment size appropriate for safe plant operation?

    Save CapEx without compromising safety by benefiting from previously oversized flare networks.


    • Revalidation, or new design, of flare equipment.
    • Available simulation model for any future what-if study
    • Updated and revalidated pressure relief devices sizing
    • Single repository database with easy access from anywhere in the organization
    • Consistent generation of any documentation related to safety devices
  • Digital Twins

    Digital Twins

    Simulate, predict and optimize product and production during plant lifecycle


    • Create efficient production methodologies
    • Prevent costly downtimes to equipment and production lines
    • Predict when preventive maintenance will be necessary
    • Enable faster, more efficient and more reliable production operations
  • Virtual Classroom Courses on Process Simulation

    Virtual Classroom Courses on Process Simulation

    Benefit from new learning opportunities!


    • Introduction to Steady State Simulation
    • Introduction to Dynamic Simulation
    • Dynamic Simulation of Rotating Equipment
    • Dynamic Simulation of Distillation Columns
    • Process Control for Process Engineers using
    • Dynamic Simulation
  • Alt

    Lifecycle OTS: Dynamic Simulation Studies

    Base your design decisions on rigorous engineering calculation results:

    • Check the design size of critical equipment
    • Determine adequate protection systems
    • Validate proposed control strategies and philosophies
    • Design and test operational procedures
    • Determine the operational envelop, check the safety limits and select piping material
    • Use the digital plant as a process intelligence repository