Modeling the Tokamak Exhaust Processing system in a commercial simulator for process monitoring purposes

Eduardo Iraola de Acevedo, José M. Nougués, Josep A. Feliu (Inprocess), Lluís Batet (UPC), Luis Sedano (FUS_ALIANZ)

13th International Conference on Tritium Science and Technology (Bucharest, 2022)

Contribution showing the modeling procedure of a critical tritium processing system such as the Tokamak Exhaust Processing using a commercial simulator typically used in the process industry. This allows new stakeholders to participate in future fusion-related projects, and will play a key role in industry-like fusion projects, in which the simulation model will work as a digital twin of the plant. At the same time, data-driven diagnostics can be fueled by model data, helping engineers to generate extra datasets that could otherwise be expensive to directly obtain from the plant.