China Petroleum Engineering Co. Ltd (CPE) awards Inprocess with another project “Transient Analysis for AIP5 Project in Bu Hasa”

We are delighted to announce another award of an exciting project titled “Transient Analysis for AIP5 Project in Bu Hasa” for the China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation (CPECC) offices in UAE. This collaboration further solidifies the partnership between CPE and Inprocess. The project is part of meeting the additional new production mandate towards Project P5.

Inprocess Presence at Aspen Tech Optimize 2024

Our team of Inprocess senior managers and simulation experts had a chance to meet and discuss with different stakeholders from the industry on their daily challenges that can be solved with process simulation. Our team had the opportunity to present various subjects such as OTS application, Process Control and Gas Pipeline Flow Management.

How Dynamic Simulation Analysis Can Improve Gas Turbine Feed System Reliability and Availability

This webinar explores how dynamic process simulations, when used during the early design stage, can significantly improve the reliability of your gas turbine feed systems. These simulations can also help prevent costly shutdowns, leading to smoother operations.