Hydrogen Network Management

Inprocess has extensive experience in the development and implementation of online hydrogen network management tools that have helped the petrochemical industry and refineries achieve operational savings without capital investment.

Operator Training Simulators and Dynamic Models for the Fertilizer Industry

As in any other industry, safety, reliability and profitability rely to a great extent on a sufficient level of knowledge, skills and aptitudes of the plant’s workforce. In such an energy-intensive industry, such as fertilizers, having the personnel properly trained is key to achieving corporate targets and KPIs.


Cooling Water Networks analysis

Inprocess simulation analysis of the cooling water network helps companies to improve the performance of the plant. When this study is carried out,  the result is that bottlenecks are identified and this way, the most critical points can be addressed with optimal solutions to improve the performance of the cooling water network …

Steam Networks Operation Assurance

The steam network is responsible to provide heat and power to the different units of the complex. Usually, all the efforts are focused on maintaining steam production and improving it to the maximum, leaving aside the important role that the network plays in keeping the overall plant production.

Real-Time Optimization opportunities in NGL recovery plants

Inprocess has helped this oil company to identify potential savings between $1 and $3 million per NGL train and year in one of its recovery plants, by applying optimization techniques, on top of an existing Advanced Process Control algorithm, in a three-phases project: Feasibility study, open loop adisory tool, closed-loop online optimizer. Discover how by downloading the attached document.

Minimum Design Metal Temperature determination using Dynamic Simulation

A considerable amount of equipment and piping in Oil & Gas processing plants is exposed to very low or even cryogenic temperatures during some transient events such as emergency blowdowns, depressurization after prolonged shutdowns or start-ups. Material must be selected within proper temperature ranges according to the Minimum Design Metal Temperature (MDMT).

Ensuring High-Availability in Gas Turbine Power Systems

Gas turbine power plants have to achieve high reliability and maximum availability in order to be able to meet the dispatch requirements of electric grids at short notice. The power generation systems are high-availability assets, generally above 90%.