Steam Networks Operation Assurance

Type of service:  Operability Studies

Inprocess client:  Petrochemical Operating Companies and EPCs

Year:  2020

Country:  Everywhere


The steam network is responsible to provide heat and power to the different units of the complex. Usually, all the efforts are focused on maintaining steam production and improving it to the maximum, leaving aside the important role that the network plays in keeping the overall plant production. A failure in the steam network can carry on to a turndown of the production or even cause an emergency shutdown of the plant (having a high economic impact). 

Dynamic simulation, integrating the process control narrative, hydraulics and thermodynamics, has been proven a valuable tool to determine this kind of transient behaviour and to evaluate if the units will trip. Inprocess has a large experience in analyzing these situations by simulation means and it could help you to find a valid operating solution to avoid the trip

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