Operator Training Simulators and Dynamic Models for the Fertilizer Industry

Type of service:  Operator Training Simulators (OTS) and Operability Studies

Inprocess client:  Fertilizer Industry

Year:  2021

Country:  Everywhere

As in any other industry, safety, reliability and profitability rely to a great extent on a sufficient level of knowledge, skills and aptitudes of the plant’s workforce. In such an energy-intensive industry, such as fertilizers, having the personnel properly trained is key to achieving corporate targets and KPIs.

Control Room Operators’ skills development is better achieved with rigorous, high-fidelity Operator Training Simulators. Inprocess has been developing and commissioning several OTSs for many of the producing processes in the fertilizers industry, involving in this development most of the process simulators in the market and many of the available Distributed Control Systems.

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