Process Simulation Courses

Courses aimed at acquiring the necessary know-how to apply the use of commercial process simulators to your daily activities


Inprocess offers Process Simulation Courses of different focuses and length. Public Training Courses give the attendees a chance to learn about process simulation in a neutral environment – away from their day-to-day job. In-house Training Courses can provide a cost-effective solution to companies who would like to train several of their staff in a specific subject. Inprocess uses a modular approach to courses and seminars. This allows us to readily change the emphasis of a training session to focus on specific areas. Some of our most popular combinations of modules are available in pre-packaged sets, and it is a straightforward question to add, subtract or re-order modules. On this page, you will find a selection of our process simulation courses.


Virtual Classroom:

Part of the current Inprocess catalogue of courses on Process Simulation is available in Virtual Classroom format for remote users. This availability comes in two ways:

  • Remote In-House: for groups of engineers belonging to the same company.
  • Remote Public: for engineers belonging to different companies (calendar available here)

Inprocess’ Virtual Classroom courses bring together the benefits of Inprocess’ training philosophy (learn by doing) and the capabilities of online-style training.

The full-time presence of the instructor during the five days of the course allows the attendees to gain a complete insight into the course concepts and simulation features, while at the same time letting them interact in a relaxed, informal way with the course instructor. With the course contents distributed over the course of a week, in an easy-to-follow format, the project experience of Inprocess’ simulation expert will facilitate the learning process of the course attendees.

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