ILIB: Inprocess Library of Training Modules

ILIB Brochure


ILIB is the collection of Training Modules on Process Simulation and related subjects that have been developed and maintained by Inprocess experts over the last 25 years, with learning content focused on helping corporations to develop and increase the skills of their engineering workforce in the Process Simulation field of knowledge.
Our extensive and proven experience and our in-depth knowledge of the industry guarantee the excellence and the high quality of ILIB.

ILIB Subscription Service
For a fixed yearly fee, engineers in their corporations will have available at their fingertips:

  • More than 40 self-contained process simulation modules.
  • More than 200 hours of self-paced eLearning up-to-day content.
  • Attendance at instructor-led Inprocess’ public training courses.
  • Access to a team of expert coaches that actively supports the learning experience of the students.

Our Faculty can also help corporations to design and create the best training paths for their engineering staff, according to current company needs, the engineers’ background, and their level of expertise.

ILIB features:

  • An all-in-one package: beginners, intermediate, advanced; steady state, dynamics; oil & gas, refining, petrochemicals, process control.
  • An Inprocess coach, expert in the field, will be available in order to guide and support learners, solving doubts and answering enquiries, sent to a dedicated email address, about the content of the modules.
  • ILIB’s software architecture allows for its hosting in the customer’s servers.
  • Administrators can incorporate eLearning content into training programs or allow learners to follow a personal path.
  • Web-access to the training content: anywhere, any time.

Some benefits of using ILIB in your self-paced eLearning approach include:

  • Reducing the costs of investments and resources: cost-effective.
  • Designing training paths for the engineers as a function of their skills and their involvement in current projects, and adjusting them depending on new planned workloads, as new projects arrive.
  • Easier delivery of the training content.
  • Keeping and managing all the training information in the same place.
  • Measuring the impact of the eLearning through the monitoring and reporting tools offered by ILIB.
  • Increasing employee participation, engagement and motivation.
  • Providing the same information and material to all your employees, decreasing drastically mistakes and misunderstandings.

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