China Petroleum Engineering Co. Ltd (CPE) awards Inprocess with another project “Transient Analysis for AIP5 Project in Bu Hasa”

We are delighted to announce another award of an exciting project titled “Transient Analysis for AIP5 Project in Bu Hasa” for the “China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation (CPECC) offices in UAE. This collaboration further solidifies the partnership between CPE and Inprocess. The project is part of meeting the additional new production mandate towards Project P5.

Inprocess scope of work encompasses the transient analysis of the transfer lines between the Remote Degassing Stations and Central Degassing Station. Our dedicated team of Inprocess “FlowAssurance “experts will conduct a thorough study to verify the adequacy of the facilities in various operating modes including pigging and slugging.

We extend our sincere appreciation to CPE for once again trusting Inprocess with this significant venture. We are genuinely excited about the possibilities this new venture brings and are fully committed to ensuring excellence at every step.

For any inquiries or updates related to this project, as well as our ongoing partnership, please do not hesitate to reach out to our project team