Workshop on Practical Applications of Process Simulation in the Hydrocarbon Industry

In September and October this year, Inprocess, in collaboration with AspenTech and our partners in the region, hosted a series of three workshops, two of which were held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and one in Qatar. These workshops were dedicated to demonstrating the practical applications of Dynamic Process Simulation within the Hydrocarbon Industry.

These workshops had a high level of engagement, with nearly 100 participants in total from top Oil and Gas and Engineering companies. Both presenters and participants explored a wide spectrum of topics, spanning from real-world applications of process simulation for process engineers and control engineers to the details of Multi-Purpose Dynamic Simulation, HYSYS-based Operator Training Systems (OTS) for brownfield plants, practical use cases of Process Digital Twins, the contrasting methods of evaluating Flare networks through steady-state and dynamic simulations, and the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into the simulation universe.

Facilitated by Petr Niedoba, the workshops featured expert speakers like Dr. Miquel Angel Alos, Andres Vega, Dr. Josep Anton Feliu, and Dr. Michael Brodkorb from Inprocess, plus Emad Gebesy and Faisal Baksh from AspenTech, who led the informative discussions.  Throughout these gatherings, our interactions with participants were marked by enthusiastic discussions and a vibrant exchange of insights.

We extend our sincere gratitude to our experts for steering these enlightening dialogues and to all participants for generously sharing their experience and posing thought-provoking questions.