Success of the OPEX event held in Houston last April 27th in collaboration with AspenTech

The seminar, held in partnership with AspenTech on 27th April, focused on how process simulation technology can enhance Operational Excellence and sustainability efforts in Refining and Petrochemicals.

Experts from Inprocess and Aspen Technology shared their insights and highlighted the potential benefits of using digital twin and simulation technologies.

  • Inprocess introduced their online Process Digital Twin and showcased a case study of how it improved plant efficiency.
  • AspenTech presented new sustainability analysis tools for the Hydrogen Economy and Carbon Capture, which enable companies to evaluate their environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Inprocess then demonstrated Brownfield Operator Training Systems (OTS), which allow operators to practice their skills in a virtual environment, minimizing safety risks. 
  • The seminar concluded with Inprocess presenting on process simulation applications of flares and safety valves in refineries and petrochemical plants.

Overall, the presentations emphasized the importance the use of process simulation technologies to improve safety, employee training and achieve sustainability goals while reducing CAPEX and OPEX spending.

Thanks to all who attended!