ITOP in the cloud

As detailed in our previous week’s post, #ITOP is not only an innovative training solution to improve the know-how of plant operators concerning the functioning of plant equipment, but also a tool that can be easily configured to be accessed from the #cloud. Whether installed in a public or private cloud, an ITOP session can then be remotely accessed by students to carry out the #elearning exercises.

This option allows the training to be moved outside from the actual training room, enabling the creation of #virtualtraining rooms which may have attendees sitting in remote locations. It also removes the cap on the number of attendees which at the moment will be just limited by the licensing and hardware capabilities of the server. In the case of client stations, they will no longer need a local installation, but rather just the on-line download of a plugin for the internet browser, which does not even require administrator privileges. Self-training, student evaluation and training material maintenance are also made much easier and more manageable than before.

More info and technical description download:

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