Inprocess´ Webinars: “Flare Systems Revalidation: From PSVs to Dynamic Flare Networks”

Inprocess would like to invite you to the webinar entitled:

“Flare Systems Revalidation: From PSVs to Dynamic Flare Networks”

that will be offered next Wednesday September 9th, from 17:00 (Central European Time) to 118:00 AM (CET), with the following agenda:

  • Introduction: Is the current equipment design appropriate for plant safe operation? Inprocess Methodology
  • Revalidation of Pressure Safety Valves, IPSV
  • Is there a possibility to reduce CAPEX by estimating the flare network behaviour in a more accurate way? Dynamic Process Simulation
  • What made Inprocess different from other companies? Case studies, Questions

Don’t’ miss this Inprocess’ webinar where our experts will explain how to carry out flare systems revalidation projects, following API recommendations, with the support of process simulation tools, both steady state and dynamics.

New units? New regulations? New feedstocks? New audits? Ensure your existing flare system can still cope with those plant lifecycle changes. Revalidate your existing installation with our help and save in CapEx without compromising safety!