Inprocess participates in the Barcelona Women’s Race 2021

The Women’s Race was held yesterday, Sunday, November 21st, in Barcelona. After the break due to the pandemic, the race has returned to the streets of Barcelona. This year’s edition has had a special significance because it has been the largest European women’s sport event.

The last in-person edition, held in 2019, was run by 135.000 participants, and in 2020 more than 41.000 runners joined the virtual circuit.

This 2021, the Inprocess team has been represented by Erika Franco, Alba García, Elena Núñez, Silvia Galmes, Patricia Vicente, Judit Vallés and Clara Jufresa, and we are thrilled about it.

With the participation of 19,000 WOMEN, the race took place in a joyful atmosphere due to the long-awaited return of popular races.

This race has also served to mobilize the public, who gathered in Barcelona cheering and showing their support from the street and from the balconies.

Worth mentioning that, although the main objective of the Inprocess team was to compete and emphasize our commitment to such a good cause, three of our participants managed to finish among the first 350 classifieds! Congratulations!

“FOR ALL OF US” is the motto that the participants of the Central Lechera Asturiana Women’s Race wore this year on their T-shirts. A tribute to all women and to the society as a whole for the resilience demonstrated during this pandemic.

About the race

This video presents the Women’s Race and is dedicated to all women who continue to participate in races and promote women’s sports, being part of the #marearosa, a movement that supports breast cancer patients and the research on this disease and that also stands against any kind of violence to women.

Women’s race 2021 has been organized in 8 Spanish cities: Valencia, Gijón, Vitoria, A Coruña, Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona, and Sevilla. To date, a total of 1,400,000 euros have been raised for all linked solidarity projects since its first edition.