Inprocess participates in a round table about skills and bridging university and companies, organized by Ramon Llull University

Knowledge is dramatically evolving, and so is society. Some studies indicate that 50% of the future professions are still unknown. In this context, growth mindset will be one of the skills most valued by employers.

Last Friday, November 12th, Inprocess was honored to participate in a round table organized by the Ramon Llull University at ESADE within the framework of the Spanish Conference of Deans of Economics and Business. The objective was to think about the required skills for new graduates in the coming years.

The discussion, led by Maria Obiols and Marta Camprodón, was based on the results of a recent ESADE’ study, which yielded that 64% of the skills in demand were Soft Skills.

As a first conclusion of the debate, such 64% percentage would even be too conservative. Nowadays, Hard Skills are already taken for granted and therefore Soft Skills are 100% the key to make the difference when it comes to selecting a candidate. Likewise, languages or the ability to use digital media are a basic requirement to develop a career and are considered transversal skills.

During the round table, the employers agreed on the following three core competencies: firstly, passion for the activity, as a career driver; secondly, emotional intelligence, understood as the ability to interact with culture and professional diversity, as well as resilience and self-awareness to cope with change; and thirdly, motivation to learn, both professionally and within the evolving society.

The round table closed with two additional thoughts. The relevance of learning from mistakes, even more than learning from successes. And the ability to generate impact by an appropriate combination of one’s skills. We have the responsibility to reach the expected results for our professional activity, but if we use our skills in the best way they could exceed expectations. In this sense, our ability to generate impact could be the basis of our talent.

Sincerely, thanks to IQS and ESADE for inviting us and to Ana María Martínez LeónMaite PoyosLaura Evangelio Araujo y Javier Fernandez Santin, who shared the round table with our Service Director Miquel A. Alos.