Imitate to understand

José María Nougués, Michael Brodkorb and Josep-Anton Feliu

2012. Hydrocarbon Engineering, May, pages: 92-96


Over the past 10 years the use of dynamic process simulation has been established as a reliable and effective tool to analyse transient behaviour of process systems.

Centrifugal compressor systems show performance characteristics that mainly depend on the operating point imposed on them by the process units and the connection piping around the compressor.

Large compression systems often have several compressors operating in parallel, with some of them in standby. Therefore, even in normal operation there are frquent start up and shut down operations while switching between compressors: to accommodate throughput changes, for example. The transient analysis of these operations is critical in the evaluation of the dynamic behaviour of the compressor system and the associated control and safety systems.

Imitate to understand