IIS: Inprocess Infrastructure Suite

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The Inprocess Infrastructure Suite (IIS) is the backbone of many Inprocess solutions: Operator Training Simulators, on-line digital twins, simulation models linking, cloud installation, process trainers etc. IIS extends the usability and applicability of process simulation models by incorporating functionalities like:

  • Communication Hub
  • Cloud Framework
  • Graphics Interface Builder
  • Instructor Station
  • Operator Workstation

The Communication Hub is the software layer that allows the Inprocess Digital Twin to interchange data with any other software, opening the door to incorporate third-party technologies.

The Cloud Framework is a subset of functionalities to the Inprocess Digital Twin, allowing for cloud installation and remote accessibility from anywhere with a secure internet connection. The security protocols are set up in the Digital Twin in full agreement with client’s specifications.

The Graphics Interface Builder is a powerful programming and designing environment where Human Machine Interfaces of the Inprocess Digital Twins can be built. It is the ideal tool for those in need of an independent OTS or Digital Twin development toolkit.

The Instructor Station of an Operator Training Simulator is the station from where the instructor leads and monitors the training sessions.

The Operator Workstation is the environment where the Control Room Operator Consoles, of either an emulated OTS or a direct-connect one, are developed and configured for effective knowledge transfer and Operators’ Training.

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