IFLOW – To link process and pipeline dynamic simulations


The Inprocess IFLOW software, which links the results from a dynamic process simulator with the ones from Schlumberger\’s dynamic pipeline simulator, OLGA, is implemented as an extension in the process simulator, and provides a rigorous insight into the dynamic interactions between the multiphase production system and the processing facilities

IFLOW uses the OLGA OPC sever to send and receive data to/from the process simulator.

IFLOW allows for flow assurance studies and other problems to be investigated:

  • Production optimisation and troubleshooting sub-optimal operations where you may have complex interactions between production and processing facilities.
  • Design validation for complete process and control systems including the modelling of key operational procedures including start-up, shut-down and transition between production scenarios.
  • Developing slug prevention strategies and assessing control systems for mitigating the impact of produced liquid slugs.
  • Assessment of the sizing and operation of separators and slug catchers.
  • Safety studies including rigorous hydraulic and thermodynamic blowdown analysis of onshore and offshore facilities

The main IFLOW software characteristics can be summarized as:

  • Exchanges boundary information between OLGA and process simulator models.
  • Synchronizes OLGA execution based on process simulation time.
  • Allows usage of process simulator controllers to control OLGA valves
  • Supports the compositional tracker option to link compositions (special licence is required)
  • Simulates wellhead and slug conditions in OLGA and transfers data to the process simulation case.
  • Plots OLGA pipeline profiles in process simulation graphs (Hold up, Pressure, Temperature, and others)
  • The process simulator and OLGA may run in different computers

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