Educational Programs Operators

Learn about the Inprocess proposal to develop the competence of plant operators through the follow-up of an educational program based on rigorous simulation of plant equipment


Training for Plant Operators / Technicians

The goal of an Inprocess Educational Program for Operations is to develop the individual and team capabilities, which underpin the plant’s operating and maintenance missions. To succeed, training must focus on closing the knowledge and skill gaps. Guided by this principle, effective process plant training hinges on four key steps:

  • Analysing and quantifying the learning gap
  • Developing training sequences and tools
  • Delivering training at the learners’ level and pace
  • Evaluating for retention and use

The heart of the training process is the transfer of the knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSAs) directly linked to each trainee’s job competencies. This tangible link between job tasks and learning content is crucial. It unambiguously demonstrates to learners the concrete work outcomes that result from training, as well as reinforcing their motivation to attain demonstrable, measurable job skills.

Thanks to the profusion of widely-available digital technologies, this transfer of KSAs to plant personnel can now take place in many formats, including digital supports, web-based learning, instructor-assisted operator training simulator (OTS) training and instructor-led practical training. The final learning blend is a well-planned balance of training techniques and tools supporting the creation of the requisite competencies needed within the takeover timeframe.

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