Dynamic Flare Load Analysis

Type of service:  Engineering Design Studies

Inprocess client:  Operating Companies and EPCs

Year:  2020

Country:  Everywhere

Plant expansion projects, unit revamps or debottlenecking studies may lead to a re-evaluation of the capacity of an asset existing flare system. Usually, after a re-evaluation study, an increase in flare load is determined. If the capacity of the asset flare system is close to its limit, the only solution is a capital project to increase the original capacity. Nevertheless, is there any possibility of reducing CAPEX by using a more accurate way of estimating the flare system behaviour?
It is a well-known fact that most existing flare systems were originally designed taking into account over-conservative assumptions which led to overly-sized relief and flare system designs. API 521 norm recommends Dynamic Simulation as a valid alternative method for calculating transient pressure increases and determining relief loads in a more accurate way during unexpected contingencies during plant operation. Inprocess has an excellent track record of experience in applying dynamic simulation to the analysis of flare networks, optimizing project costs and schedules.

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