ICOM: Inprocess Competence Management System

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ICOM is a powerful software tool aimed at managing, expanding and confirming the proficiency of your workforce, specifically the operators in the chemical and hydrocarbon processing industries. ICOM aims at providing employers in these markets with a platform to support them in planning and assessing the professional development of their plant operators. ICOM can be packed with ITOP, a library full of learning titles that focus on unit operations education and safety compliance, all wrapped in an intuitive, easy-to-use multi-language user interface. The flexibility of ICOM gives companies the ability to add, store, update and maintain training content (in any digital format) that has been developed internally or acquired from other third-party sources.

Because ICOM is accessed through a browser, employees (including supervisors and administrators) can use the system at any time, anywhere, through the internet. Once logged in, users can progress through their program based on their assigned position.

Administrators can assign learning materials to create a training itinerary that supports either the curriculum or competency development. ICOM can incorporate any existing company-material or anything newly developed material: animations, videos, AR/VR, ITOP, process trainers, OTSs, etc. Questions, quizzes and exams can be created within ICOM in order to assess the expected evolution of the acquired skills, aptitudes and competencies of the personnel.

For instructor-led sessions, ICOM can be used in either a physical or a virtual classroom and, when accessed individually, it can also be used as a self-learning environment.

With ICOM, Plant Operators will:

  • Easily access learning content that will help them to progress in their knowledge assimilation
  • Have a track record of already-accomplished learning targets and be reminded of which ones are still to be achieved
  • Be able to demonstrate in a transparent way to management their willingness to progress professionally inside the organization

With ICOM, Operations Managers will:

  • Discover the skill gaps missing in their workforce
  • Be made aware of the tasks and know-how which their personnel have more problems in acquiring
  • Plan for training plans before an operational procedure is going to be changed

With ICOM, Human Resources will:

  • Plan training paths for all operators to become equally knowledgeable in the most important tasks and procedures
  • Monitor, individually, by shift, by age group, by years of experience etc. the acquisition of skills and know-how
  • Have at their fingertips a centralized repository of digital training material specifically focused on plant operators’ KSA development

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