Carbon neutrality. We are a carbon neutral company

Carbon neutrality. We are a carbon neutral company

This means that we have calculated our greenhouse gas emissions, are continuously reducing them and offset unabated emissions through carbon offset projects. 

 Our steps in detail:

1.- Calculate carbon emissions

Together with ClimatePartner we have calculated our CCF – Corporate Carbon Footprint. This includes emissions from sources such as energy and heating, business travel, office supplies and everything else that we use in the operation of our company.

2.- Avoid and reduce emissions

Our CCF calculation shows us where we need to reduce our carbon emissions. We update it every year to monitor our progress and identify additional areas for improvement.

3.- Carbon offsetting

For the time being, some emissions remain unavoidable. We offset them by supporting a project from the ClimatePartner portfolio. We have offset the equivalent of 171,444 kg of CO₂

4.- Create transparency

The unique ClimatePartner ID number makes carbon neutrality transparent and traceable. Under, you will find the certification of our carbon neutrality, as well as information regarding how much CO2 we have offset and the carbon offset project we support.