Type of service:  Dynamic Simulation Study
Inprocess client:  Spanish EPC working for a Middle East Petroleum Company
Year:  2016
Country:  Middle East


Inprocess delivered a Dynamic Simulation Study for a Turbo Expander/Residue Gas Compressor, for a Gas Plant Train in Middle East in order to confirm high operational safety and reliability of the system. Consequently, the project:

  • Verified the Instrumented Protection System (response of the antisurge control system / adequacy of the Turboexpander protections)
  • Confirmed the stable operation during start-up and shutdown with existing control scheme.
  • Validated the stable Turboexpander and Residue Gas Compressor operation under minimum - maximum loadings and response to flow rate variations.
  • Confirmed the  stable operation during sequencing for mode switching to / from JT mode.
  • Confirmed the adequacy of the overpressure protection system of the Demethaniser installed downstream of Turboexpander.

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