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In the process industry, emissions monitoring plays a critical role in ensuring environmental compliance and sustainability. Technological advancements have paved the way for the use of simulation models and process digital twins as a powerful tool in this domain. Digital twins offer a realistic and cost-effective approach to monitor emissions by accurately predicting their generation and dispersion throughout the industrial processes. By simulating various scenarios, these tools enable industries to optimize their operations, identify potential sources of emissions, and implement effective mitigation strategies. Furthermore, digital twins allow for continuous monitoring, reducing the need for manual measurements and providing real-time insights. This technological approach revolutionizes emissions monitoring in the process industry, facilitating proactive environmental management and therefore fostering a greener future.

Inprocess is a leading advocate in assisting clients with their greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts through advanced monitoring techniques, reinforced by dynamic simulations. Furthermore, Inprocess actively engages in congresses and technological forums promoting knowledge exchange within the industry. Notably, Inprocess collaborated with respected researchers from local universities to co-author a paper titled "Digital Twins for Emissions Monitoring in the Process Industry," which was presented at the esteemed 15th Mediterranean Congress on Chemical Engineering. The presentation by Eduardo Iraola highlighted the remarkable potential of digital twin technologies in tackling emission control challenges. By emphasizing the significance of process monitoring, Iraola showcased how it effectively addresses issues beyond the capabilities of traditional control systems, including unforeseen variations in feed composition, heat exchanger fouling, valve sticking, and catalyst poisoning. Furthermore, in the realm of emissions monitoring, this system excels in detecting abnormal operation modes that may result in surpassing permissible limits, utilizing process monitoring and fault diagnosis as preventive measures. 

Inprocess is committed to driving innovation in emissions monitoring and ensuring compliance with environmental standards.

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