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Inprocess, process simulation services and consulting company for the oil & gas industries, to provide a rigorous Emulated Operator Training Simulator (OTS) solution for MODEC’s FPSO.

MODEC Group is a leading global owner/ operator and EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation) general contractor of floating production systems. The company has operations in all major offshore regions and currently operates 19 floating oil and gas production facilities around the world.

MODEC has awarded Inprocess the development and commissioning of a rigorous Emulated OTS solution for the FPSO. This is going to be the sixth (6th) FPSO operated by MODEC that will leverage Inprocess’ expertise in the implementation of OTSs. The main project objective is to provide on-time training to operations personnel (e.g., control room operators, operations supervisors and process engineers) on the critical operating procedures before the start-up of the FPSO, reducing the risk of major operational incidents, increasing plant on-stream time and performance, providing a test-bed system for engineering analysis, and for testing of changes prior to implementation.

MODEC staff will also gain hands-on experience in the operation of the facility in the various situations encompassing: 

  • First-oil Start-up
  • Control of process systems (normal operation and load changes-feed variations) 
  • Prepare process systems for shutdown (normal shutdown) 
  • Start-up after a recent trip or shutdown 
  • Control emergencies and abnormal situations 

MODEC’s engineers will benefit from the results obtained with the dynamic simulation model of the topsides during the OTS project execution. In addition, they will enhance their experience in the units’ processes and develop diagnostic skills to recognize and respond to emergency and/or upset situations, resulting in increased plant safety and on-stream time.

The proposed operating procedures will be validated and tested. The control room operators will receive in-depth training well before first oil in the risk-free environment provided by the rigorous Emulated OTS, as well as training on long-term system responses and/or complex sequences of events. 

The estimated project timeline is eight months.