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Inprocess has recently delivered to Motor Oil Hellas an Operator Training Simulator (OTS) for four refinery units, including a Crude Distillation Unit (CDU), a Continuous Catalytic Reformer (CCR), a Mild Hydrocracker (MHC), and a Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC). In addition, Inprocess delivered its state-of-the-art foundation training solution: ITOP: https://inprocessgroup.com/en/service/itop-inprocess-training-for-operators

After completion, the client confirmed that the OTS and training tool were being actively utilized to train both experienced and new operators, effectively addressing their specific needs. They have also mentioned that the operator acceptance of the OTS is very high – which is always a challenge with brownfield OTS.

Inprocess: Process Simulation Expertise

The success of this project was largely attributed to the expertise of our process simulation team. The complexity of the refinery conversion units combined with the high expectations of the operator for a realistic response of the OTS presented a significant challenge. However, our simulation experts were able to develop performant models without compromising accuracy, ensuring a high-fidelity representation of the units while maintaining computational efficiency.

Another issue encountered was the need for custom modelling of some of the process units and thanks to our team of process experts with an in-depth understanding of various software platforms this challenge was overcome. 

If you are interested in going deeper into our approach to solving the challenges associated with the CCR unit, we invite you to watch our informative webinar:  https://bit.ly/46xHgyr

Customer Benefits

Motor Oil Hellas has experienced numerous benefits since implementing Inprocess' OTS solution. The training system has equipped operators to handle real-world challenges more effectively, leading to improved efficiency and enhanced safety. By optimizing decision-making processes, minimizing errors, and reducing downtime, our solution has improved their operational capabilities.

Moreover, the adoption of our OTS solution has saved Motor Oil Hellas a considerable amount of time compared to traditional training methods – e.g., in the past, trainees would shadow senior operators, which proved to be a costly and time-consuming approach. In contrast, our OTS solution facilitates efficient independent learning, resulting in substantial time savings and increased productivity for both trainees and experienced operators.

To ensure continuous accuracy and performance, Motor Oil Hellas' OTS contracted Inprocess’ maintenance contract to ensure the system stays up to date and accurately reflects the refinery's behavior. This commitment to ongoing support and development shows the dedication to our clients' long-term success. 

Next Steps

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