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Inprocess is proud to announce that it has been awarded a project in collaboration with a leading global oil and gas company. The project involves the development and delivery of an Operator Training Simulator (OTS) for the Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP) at one of their offshore assets in the Gulf of Mexico.

The OTS will leverage Inprocess’ expertise in process simulation technology to create a realistic and immersive training environment for the operators of the new ESPs. The simulator will enable operators to practice various scenarios, such as normal operations, start-ups, shut-downs, and emergencies, in a safe and controlled manner. This will help operators to improve their skills, optimize their performance, and reduce operational risks.

The OTS will also enhance the efficiency and productivity of the new ESPs, which will become a key component of the customer’s offshore operations. The ESP system pumps oil from the reservoir to the surface, increasing the production rate and recovery factor. The OTS will simulate realistic scenarios, effectively reducing operational risks, increasing overall process efficiency, and improving platform productivity. Operators will have the opportunity to practice troubleshooting techniques and further enhance their decision-making abilities in a risk-free setting.  By providing effective training for the operators, the OTS will ensure an efficient startup, reliability and safety of the ESP system.

We are thankful for our customer for choosing Inprocess as their partner for this important project. We are committed to delivering a high-quality OTS that will contribute to their operational excellence at their offshore asset.

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